Saturday, November 3, 2007

There's no place like home!

Between regenerating my brain cells following a rather excessive weekend, unintentionally antagonising a couple of lesbians and now staying at my parents meaning privacy is impossible; there had been no time to write this week.

To summarise last Saturday a group met at lunchtime to celebrate a friends birthday. Following the accidental eating of a four cheese and magic mushroom pizza we watched the West-End production of 'Lord of the Rings' before heading to a local bar.

We unanimously thought the show was great, a real spectacular. If the actors had not spoken in unidentifiable Gaelic accents it would have been even better. I am not sure the opinion of a mushroom mashed group counts for too much though. So, if anyone has a intelligent critique of the show please post in the comments.

Eight hours later and several more pizza's; ten thirty somethings are captured on video sporting highly flammable backcombed quiffs and I have a strong sense of deja-vu. I have not taken mind altering drugs since 1997 at an 80's fancy dress party. I was wearing a polka dot power suit, accessorised with shoulder pads, gold hoop earrings and highly flammable backcombed hair... arrh! After taking various illegal substances I was found by friends in a room on my own having a fascinating conversation with a poster of Micheal Jackson.

I am now at my parents and loving it. Home cooking, television in front of the log fire and fresh air. When do your interests change from pubbing and clubbing to long walks on the beach? Is it about growing up and wanting a slower, healthier pace of life or is it that your body and mind can just not recover like they used to?

I have to go, I'm being called as disappeared for 10 minutes. The parents and I are going on a hike through the countryside ending at the Farmers Market... and no we will not stop to pick mushrooms!


Sandra said...

Ha, ha, know this only too well. I had a spliff for the first time in years just a few weeks ago and I was a mess! I think there does come a time when you can't handle it as well, perhaps it is our age? Mind you, look at The Rolling Stones! They're still doing it. Actually, I'd rather stick to the walks on the beach than have skin like Mick Jagger!


Female therapy said...

hi Sandra,
It's official I can not handle living the twenties life-style. I had a couple of glasses of wine yesterday and I am still dribbling at work and it's nearly 5 o'clock!