Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Too much excitement!

This week is my week. Within the next few days something is going to happen that will change my life. I can feel electricity flowing through my veins and my eyes have finally been opened to the wonders of the world. I can barely sleep, concentrate and working is pointless. I am too excited for words. Colleagues stare on in astonishment as I hyperactively flit around the office desperately searching for someone to share my enthusiasm with.

The past few years have been interesting to say the least. I have travelled the world, hitchhiked through countries, swam with sharks and nearly been eaten by a rather large crocodile. I have made amazing friends, have loved and lost and can say I have few regrets. But this week is what I have been waiting for; tomorrow I become the proud parent of an Apple Mac laptop!

Please someone help me, I need a life!


'J' said...

hahahaha you sad git!!!get out there and grab life by the tits girl.....

Female therapy said...

Hey 'j',
But you don't undestand, it's beautiful. It looks really sexy and does cool things. I have no idea what and will probably only ever use the internet, but it looks soooh pretty!!!! You're right though, I will make sure I regain my life this weekend and may even book a trip and step out of London. I hear Venice is nice this time of year

'J' said...

hmmmmm are you teasing me now??