Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cut out the pauses!

Question: 'If you could remove from life one thing, what would it be? Death? Remorse? Pain?'
Answer: 'No! The great object of life is sensation. Cut out the pauses for only in our most vibrant experiences, be they great joy or great woe, lies real learning!' (Quote: Lord Byron from Trust Byron)

I always loved that quote. Viewing life as an exciting rollercoaster that should be lived to its fullest, leaving no opportunity missed or experience regretted. I don’t have time to stop and why would I when the world has so much to offer? To pause is dull and life is too short to take a break from extreme sensations, isn’t it?

No! To not burn out, physically and mentally, of course we need the pauses in order to stop, reflect and truly learn from the experiences. Unfortunately pauses, due to their very nature, aren’t going to be associated with fun and humour, more boredom with glimpses of profundity. I need to stop, take a breath and find time to figure out what the hell I am doing with my life and understand why I feel so f**king miserable and tired.

Over this week I have the luxury of a works trip so can spend evenings in a hotel on my own and look at what needs to change in order to pull myself out of the hole I have temporarily fallen in to. So to finish this very short blog, which will continue later this week; ‘A bear walks into a bar, looks at the barman and says ‘can I have a pint of…….*2 minutes silently pass*…. Guinness please?’ The barman replies ‘of course, but why the big paws?!’

Look I did say pauses lacked fun and humour! Don’t even get me started on what happened when a crocodile walked into a bar….


Tess said...

I value the pauses too. Mainly because I get to sit on the sofa with Eastenders and a bottle of Chardonnay. My life is one big pause at the moment. Perhaps there's something in the air?


Female therapy said...

Hi Tess,
Yes def something in the air and this time of year does not help. I think March struggles as a month. It's not quite Spring but not really Winter :-) Roll on April x

Anonymous said...

I LOVE pauses. My ideal partner, a bottle of wine and a sob movie or ER. Why is it only women loves this kind of evening???

Anonymous said...

Thank God the weather is so appalling this weekend. I can stay in and not feel guilty about it. Would be nice to have someone to share with it. or a bottle of wine. Actually the wine is less hassle

Tess said...

Seeing as we're on the subject of wine...

I read this in the London Lite on the way home tonight and wanted to share. The English cricket team's wives were taken on a tour of a vineyard and were treated to a wine tasting session afterwards. A host approached Ian Bell's wife and asked 'Would you like to try some Chardonnay?'

Her response?

'My name's not Chardonnay, It's Chantelle.'

Hoo Hoo Hoo! That gave me such a giggle!

Tess x

*uncorks bottle of plonk*

Female therapy said...

Women and wine.... my two favourite hobbies :-) and during this pause there has been a serious lack of them both. In fact considering the amount of rain we have had recently, I can not believe the drought I am experiencing. Tonight I intend relax, cosy up on the sofa and open a bottle of Chantelle.. sorry I meant Chardonnay x